Cats from careful breeding, with beautiful characters and the feisty, pristine 'wild look'.
Since 1999

  • When on your path through this earthly life you are always accompanied by animals,
  • When of these animals it is the cat you especially appreciate, and you are amazed by the power of its company time and again,
  • When beauty inspires you, and nature itselfs does,
  • Then look around and behold the Norsk Skogkatt, de Noorse Boskat, de Norwegian Forestcat.

Håret Landstryker’s Jeger Jasmin

A sunny, crisp morning in the year she would turn 14.

Our beautiful Jasmin has passed away.

Strong, vital, and unbreakable. Until the mammary gland tumor broke through.

She had just eaten a piece of chicken and with the taste of her favorite treats on her tongue, she crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Goodbye dear, unique Jasmin, farewell beauty. You are our most beautiful Landstryker memory. Our queen, the cat with bear paws, the feline with a black spot on her nose that over the course of her life, amusingly turned into a heart.

Cattery Håret Landstryker tests for: HCM, PKD, PKdef, GSD IV, FeLV and FIV.

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